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About TechWriter

Techwriter Placements & Services (TechWriter) has been the leading Australian recruiter focused on supplying documentation and training specialists since 1992. We have focused on recruiting documentation specialists across a range of industries.However the market is changing and we are responding to changes in our clients needs.

From Jan 1 2015 we are redirecting our efforts into addressing the need for improved written communication skills across the business community. We are using our extensive knowledge of the technical communication industry and client documentation needs to develop a range of training programs that will deliver measurable outcomes.

Three key attributes make us unique and effective.

Indepth knowledge of business documentation

Our team offers experience in documentation, education and industry. This experience enables us to provide effective training programs.

Exceptional personal service

We listen to your situation and apply our specialist knowledge to define your training needs and present you with options.

Outstanding facilitators, instructional designers and trainers

After 22 years in business, we have partnerships with some of the best professionals in this field.

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