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Training courses

Training your team to write

Do you have staff who are preparing written communication and who need further development? Would you like to cut your writing time by half?

TechWriter is now offering a series of writing and editing courses to businesses keen to improve written communication skills in their organisation. Our most popular courses are

Find out more about our training courses by viewing the course outlines below or sending your email request to

We also offer customised learning programs tailored to your specific needs. For more information or to obtain a quote, email us by clicking here Customised courses & mentoring or phone us on 1300 788 716.

Becoming a technical writer

Do you love writing and feel you have talent in this area? Looking to move into technical writing. The perfect way to start is to complete one of our introductory courses.

Courses offered

We offer the following courses on demand at your premises (up to 10 attendees) or via our scheduled public offerings. Public classes are small (4-5 learners max) for optimal learning and interaction. See our 2015 program. Cost is $525.00 for the 1-day courses and $800 for the 2-day course.

Technical Writing Skills - 1 day

Course outline

An introduction to the issues of technical writing

  • Technical documentation: types, styles, production
  • Setting a plan
  • Understanding stakeholders
  • Word problems common in technical documents
  • Clear and concise sentences
  • Reviewing

Advanced Technical Writing - 1 day

Course outline  

Building on the basic course, we go more deeply into:

  • Reworking wordy sentences and paragraphs
  • Planning and structuring to save time and money
  • Emails that get results
  • Reviewing and rewriting
  • Style choices and punctuation

Technical Writing and Documentation - 2 days Course outline

Combining aspects of the basic and advanced courses, the two-day course gives you the time to build up your understanding and apply it to exercises.

Writing Skills for Tenders - 1 day Course outline

  • Strategies
  • Key terms and 'Hot Buttons'
  • The parts of a tender
  • Planning and reviewing
  • Polished presentation


Courses available on request

Indexing and Editing - 1/2 day each or 1 day combined course

10 things you need to know about indexing. Asked to do an index? This short course answers the 10 most common queries you will have. Course outline

10 things you need to know about editing. Answers to the 10 most common questions a new editor, or peer reviewer, might ask. Course outline

Business Writing Skills - 1 day

The course aims to teach attendees to write well for any business need. The techniques are easy to learn and are highly successful in producing smart, easily understood text. Course outline

With every course you get a comprehensive manual with full text for all topics, enabling the manual to be used as a reference. There are also useful appendices such as Words Commonly Confused and Misused and a substantial Readings section. Course topics are illustrated with real examples and interactive exercises.


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Feedback from some of our participants

"Lyneve's sessions are engaging, clear and intelligent. I learned a great deal from her. She was able to stop and answer questions without losing her train of thought. Her approach was both stimulating and relaxing (an unusual achievement)" TWD Nov 2013

"The presenter was well prepared and the information well presented and I will continue to use the study guide as a ready reference." TWD Jan 2013