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What is a Documentation Specialist?

A documentation specialist is an expert at creating effective information products—traditionally known as documents. Today documents include not only paper-based information but also online content and multimedia.

Regardless of the type of document to be produced, a documentation specialist will:

  • Analyse the audience
  • Craft the right message
  • Distil the message into effective documents
  • Release the document
  • Evaluate the results

The primary means of distilling these messages is writing, however, documentation specialists also utilise an understanding of design and technology to achieve the best results.

Following is a list of the different roles performed by documentation specialists. Some specialists may have experience and training that enables them to perform across multiple role descriptions.

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6 key candidate competencies

We look for the following knowledge and skills in all our candidates:

Writing and editing

Communication principles and best practices

Interpersonal skills

Technology and tools

Visual design and production

Technical speciality
e.g. IT, engineering, finance