About TW training


More than 20 years’ experience in the technical communication industry

TechWriter has been active in the technical communication industry for 22 years, primarily as a supplier of technical communication contractors to all levels of government and industry. In more recent times, we have responded to an increasing desire by our clients to upskill their own staff rather than rely on external contractors. As a result, we now offer a range of public training courses and customised programs that include a mixture of small group workshops and one-on-one mentoring.

Proven course content

Our course content has been refined over many years to incorporate the most common problems experienced in the preparation and writing of technical documents. Participants comment on the highly practical nature of the material presented.

In my case, the course did more than provide the tools and awareness of the errors in my writing habits. It brought back my gusto to write and realization that perhaps I am not that bad at writing after all.”  TWD

I know <participant> found it really useful and in fact it was a turning point for him in his confidence and approach to the course in general.”   NIDA

Experienced facilitators that are also practitioners

All our facilitators and instructional designers have extensive experience in the written communication industry, usually supported by particular industry knowledge and experience. Our lead consultant is Lyneve Rappell who has particular skills in the diagnosis of individual communication issues and providing targeted mentoring and coaching.