Dr JoAnn HackosFor more than 30 years, Dr. Hackos has addressed audiences internationally on subjects ranging from content management, effective interfaces and information, minimal information products and online and Web-based information, to managing the information design and development process.

JoAnn is considered an expert in the fields of content management and information design, with some of her work in the fields being described as groundbreaking.

Dr JoAnn Hackos is:

  • President of Comtech Services Inc
  • Co-author of the new ISO standard for Content Management
  • Past President of the US Society for Technical Communication
  • Executive Director, The Center for Information-Development Management
  • and the author of numerous books on documentation and content management

JoAnn’s workshops are dedicated to enhancing the practices and products that will best promote customer satisfaction.

She will be presenting 2 workshops in Sydney in March РManaging your Content and Minimalism. For more information about minimalism, read  JHackos Minimalism article.