Introducing us

Elizabeth Abbott – MD

Elizabeth is a co-owner and the managing director of TechWriter. Prior to this she had a wealth of business experience that included roles as Internal Audit Manager, Quality Director, Project Manager, and IT Support Manager in large corporations. She has particular expertise and experience in the Financial Services industry having worked for Citigroup for 8 years. This included 4 years in internal audit in the Asian region performing risk-based reviews for both retail and investment banking.

Elizabeth has a lifelong interest in education and initially trained as a teacher. She collaborated with a leading academic to develop the first competency-based PC skills course at CUB (NSW) Ltd. At La Trobe University, she was a key researcher on a project investigating how artificial intelligence tools could be used to aid the teaching of statistics and the development of thinking skills. More recently she was a member of the Course Advisory Board for the Swinburne technical writing graduate courses. She also holds a number of qualifications including a BA (Auckland), B.Sc (WA ), MBA (Macquarie) and M.Prof Acct (Sth Qld).

Jill Nicholson – Academic Adviser

Jill  is an experienced technical and business communicator who lectured for many years at the University of Technology, Sydney. After decades of presenting technical and business communication courses to Government Departments and to the private sector in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Singapore, she has handed the day-to-day reins to TW Training.  She is now acting as an academic adviser.

Lyneve Rappell

Lyneve is an accomplished trainer and editor who has worked on published books, general guides, brochures and more. She has more than 30 years’ experience working with writers and all kinds of documents including 9 years recruiting technical writers and editors.

She has taught English in Japan and was a Learning Skills Lecturer at the University of Western Sydney. She has a Master of Arts in Editing and Publishing and a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Since 2012, she has successfully delivered the TechWriter 2-day Technical Writing and Documentation course as a public offering and has worked on specific training projects for a range of clients including OMC, NIDA, CISRA and CASA.

Recent unsolicited feedback:

“Lyneve is so knowledgeable and well-travelled that I am in awe. Aside from this, her patience and humble way of teaching make her an outstanding lecturer.”  Linda public attendee

“ .. I think you’re the best person to date that could do it. She was impressed with your quick take up of our work topics and goals and simple explanations of issues.”  CISRA